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Another SOAD fanfic
Another SOAD Fanfic
SOAD were sitting on the tour bus and driving to their next concert. “Guys I don't feel too good” groaned John holding his stomach, Shavo and Daron backed away “I think i'm guuna be sick”
“Well go be sick somewhere else!” yelled Daron who the thought of someone being sick made he heave
“Okay I wi-” John stopped his sentence due to the fact that he started to projectile vomit everywhere. Daron and Shavo jumped out of the way screaming
“Hey guys look at me! I'm totally beating your record at this Shavo!” Serj yelled from the other end of the bus who was playing Just Dance 3 “Hahaha I'm the winner and you're the loser!”
“John! Go! Be! Sick! Somewhere! Else!” screamed Daron who was starting to feel like he was going to be sick as well
“John that is ju-” Shavo tried to say but was also starting to projectile vomit everywhere and cause Daron to run away from him screaming
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System of a Down fanart by RandomgirlofSOAD System of a Down fanart :iconrandomgirlofsoad:RandomgirlofSOAD 0 0
Mature content
SOAD Fanfiction :iconrandomgirlofsoad:RandomgirlofSOAD 1 1
Daron thinks he can time travel
It was another boring afternoon for Daron and whenever Daron got bored weird ideas would come into his head such as last weeks idea when he thought he could fly and ended up jumping off the roof and land on Serj giving him a bad back which Serj won't let Daron live down. But for some reason this idea seemed better than last weeks as it seemed more realistic to Daron, Daron thought he could time travel. This seemed like a great idea to Daron but for the others not so much “What the hell are we going to do?!” said Serj panicking after remembering about last weeks `excellent` idea and deciding to hide for a while so that this time he won't get hurt. “Calm down Serj!” said John who had to stop Serj from jumping out of the living room window with the help of Shavo they had mange to get Serj safely back inside. Still trying to escape Serj only stopped when John had came up with an idea “I know what we can do!” said John as the idea had came into his head S
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Mature content
Fanfic for Lota (Lota/Shavo) :iconrandomgirlofsoad:RandomgirlofSOAD 0 5
A drawing i did in art class by RandomgirlofSOAD A drawing i did in art class :iconrandomgirlofsoad:RandomgirlofSOAD 1 0


SOAD: Christmas by xoAyame SOAD: Christmas :iconxoayame:xoAyame 17 8
System of a down Fan fiction
I hope you guys enjoyed it....
:iconserjness:Serjness 15 11
SoaD WTFcness pt 2 by Red-Szajn SoaD WTFcness pt 2 :iconred-szajn:Red-Szajn 61 136
Chapter Four: Radio-Video
Chapter Four:  Radio/Video
(Serj's view)
No, it didn't just happen.  She's still here with me and she always will be.  She didn't leave. No; it just didn't happen.
"Finally you're awake."
"Where's Sophia?"
"Over where you guys were."
I tried to get up but Daron and Shavo were holding me down.
"Let him, I think he'd want to see."
They let me go and I slowly walked over as this headache pounded harder and harder until there she was.  She looked so weak with all her energy gone to the dogs.
"What happened to her?"
"When you almost killed yourself, she went off and punched a car battery because the alarm wouldn't shut off."
"She electrocuted herself?"
"Basically, yeah."
She was basically dripping wet and was the only one like that too.  Under the covers, she lay, not moving nor breathing now that I notice this.  She was dead all due to anger.
"John, she's not even breathing."
"You just noticed?"
"She's dead."
"When has s
:iconravenwillowvampira:RavenWillowVampira 3 0
Chapter Three: Streamline
Chapter Three:  Streamline
(Sophia Marie's view)
He just stood there, fist half submerged in the wall and head down, away from me and completely in shock to my even standing there when Shavo had just taken me from that crowd.  I wanted it to be Serj, but he just stared at me like he was hypnotized by me.  Having Shavo whisper all that shit in my ear almost made me sick.  I mean, I did like the guy and all, but everything he said, I wanted to be Serj's words.  If I wasn't lucky, Daron wouldn't have asked me to fuck Serj for forty bucks and I would've stayed over there in Shavo's embrace.
"What in hell are you doing back here?"
"We paid her forty bucks to get you laid!"
And with that my world slammed shut and so did the door, but one was locked from the outside.
"Oi vey..."
I didn't want to tell him that way, but it ended up being told that way.  I just sat on that bed, not looking at Serj, and just watched as every little piece
:iconravenwillowvampira:RavenWillowVampira 3 0
Chapter Two: Sad Statue
Chapter Two:  Sad Statue
(Serj's View)
It'd been a while since I've been with the guys like this.  I mean, it's been almost three years I think since I've been without them.  The fans have been waiting a while for this to happen and I know some of them even doubted this day would ever come with all the side projects and comments from the band members, but you know, sometimes, something that you spent a portion of your life with, you kind of miss it and decide to go back to it.  That's exactly what happened to me.  I started to really miss the wild days, but now I can say they're back with this one proven comment that has so many people riled up in joy, devotion, and a whole mix of emotions:  
System of a Down is back.
We're not leaving, we're back for good.
Funny thing is I thought I'd never say that but just like our human nature and so fated irony, we always contradict ourselves.  Whether it be in the near future o
:iconravenwillowvampira:RavenWillowVampira 3 0
Chapter One: Bounce
Chapter One:  Bounce!
The wildest thing I ever heard was the words that came out of Daron's mouth.  Any more shocking, it would've been like "Hey, I'm flaming gay." or "Dude, I'd suck George Bush's dick just to make a point."  I really didn't believe a word he was saying and could've sworn I was drugged or something but the two things I know I heard perfectly was:
"Will you fuck Serj?"
"Serj and Sophia.  Believe it, because I will."
I could've sworn I was high.  One minute I was backstage, next I'm talking with Daron, John, and Shavo who were paying me to screw Serj because they thought he was lonely.  The last thing I remember was Serj and I so close then I come to where I am right now, by Serj, as he holds me so closely.  We had just met and yet he holds me like we've been like this before many a time, with such a natural nature behind it and I've nothing to do but to be happy in my own skin and wrapped in som
:iconravenwillowvampira:RavenWillowVampira 2 0
SHot part 2
Two guys from the ambulance lifted her onto the wheeled stretcher and into the back of the ambulance.
Daron and Serj watched closely for any sign of life. When a guy said one of them could go, Serj looked over at Daron. “Go” Daron opened his mouth to say something but Serj interrupted him. “Go now!” Daron nodded and got in with his Wife.
Daron held her hand the whole way there. She twitched every so often with the bumps in the road. Her heartbeat was slow and uneven, but it was still there.
When the ambulance stooped, they slid her out and ran down the hall towards the ER. Daron followed close behind until one nurse made him go out the door to the waiting room.
He leaned against the wall right next to the door for a while. When he saw Serj, John and Shavo out the window, running up to the door, he slid down the wall and sat on the ground. He hugged his knees to his chest and buried his face in the little space between his knees and neck.
Serj ran over to Daron.
:iconalexs1sis:Alexs1sis 1 9
From the back of the tour bus by Melody-Of-Truth From the back of the tour bus :iconmelody-of-truth:Melody-Of-Truth 19 60 soadforce by SerjsSODA soadforce :iconserjssoda:SerjsSODA 5 6 SOAD: Daron vs. Soup by xoAyame SOAD: Daron vs. Soup :iconxoayame:xoAyame 21 14 DVM by xoAyame DVM :iconxoayame:xoAyame 23 5
SOAD mindfuck
Once upon a time in house situated in the forest in hot beams of sunny morning on a balcony our friend Shavo was sunbathing. But suddenly bucolic tale interrupted unexpected strike inside the wooden bulding. Shavo bestired abruptly, ran off the stairway and saw his friend driven in the oaken wall.-What the fuck?!- he screamed. Though nobody anwserd him because there were only Daron with a face sticked in wood. Bassman put his foot on a wall to be stabiler and started pulling out his friend . He had enough strength to draw out guitarist. Recoil was as strong as they hit wall behind them and afterwards slided down limply on the floor with ache in all body. They were dying for a moment during lying on each other but when they started pulling theirselfs together Serj came to the room and calamoured awfully
-Oh sweet God! Gays in my house! They are lying on each other! Ouh! Kill'em all, kill'em all! -and he started crazy dance with jumping all around.
- Calm down, Niga!- said appalled Shavo
:iconmerllon:Merllon 3 3
Hidden Feelings
Title: Hidden Feelings
Genre: Romance (fluff)
Pairing(s): John/Shavo
Rating: G
Words: 696
John turned on the television as he put his legs on the couch. After a long day of practicing songs he wanted to relax without any annoyances. He only got about ten minutes into a show before his long awaited rest would be interrupted.
As he changed the channel he heard the door open and shut. Glancing over he saw Daron taking his shoes off and putting them by the door. Great, John thought. Just what I need. Daron to annoy me. He went back to looking at the TV hoping Daron wouldn't bother him right now.
Daron went over to the chair beside the couch where John was sitting and sat down, glanced at the TV and then looked at John intently as if he was thinking of something to say.
"Hey, John." Daron said.
John ignored him and continued to watch TV.
"Johnn," Daron repeated using an annoying tone of voice.
John tried to ignore him again.
"What you aren't gonna talk to me 'cause I'm not Sha
:iconrookieghostbuster:RookieGhostbuster 10 628
toxicity backstage 02 + stuff by rockedgirl toxicity backstage 02 + stuff :iconrockedgirl:rockedgirl 90 26 soad doodles 03 by rockedgirl soad doodles 03 :iconrockedgirl:rockedgirl 115 38


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